Feb 2014 ~ Advanced Transactional Replication ~ John Flannery


Presenter: John Flannery
Topic: Advanced Transactional Replication

We will cover several advanced topics in Transactional Replication including how to make a ddl change to one table in the publication without reinitializing the publication; how to make a ddl change to a table without having to snapshot; creating replicated tables on file systems other than Primary – including partitioned file systems; and bidirectional replication. And hint – we will be leaving the wizard in Redmond!! Bring a copy of SQL 2012 Developers Edition with AdventureWorks2012 if you want to play along.


John is the Data Architect at Evolution 1 in Avon Connecticut – and Adjunct Professor at Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Connecticut. He has 33 years industry experience; working with SQL server since version 4.2 on OS/2, Oracle since 7.3.4. John holds a Master of Science – Computer Science degree from Rensselaer (1995). Publication List: A Strategy for Implementing SSIS in Clusters; SQL Server Magazine; March 2010, page 15.

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