Jan 2014 – The PowerShell Database Cookbook: Best Recipes ~ Bryan Cafferky

Presenter: Bryan Cafferky
Topic: The PowerShell Database Cookbook: Best Recipes
Downloads: Presentation Bundle

Maybe you’ve heard about all the great features of PowerShell, Windows scripting language, but thought, Ok, so how do I actually put PowerShell to use? In this presentation, Bryan will walk you through some ready to use PowerShell scripts while explaining the PowerShell language and integrated development environment (IDE). We will also discuss the best places to use PowerShell and when another tool is a better choice. So whether you’re a PowerShell newbie or experienced with the language, you’ll come away with new knowledge and some handy utilities. And if you’re asking yourself, what is PowerShell, you definitely need to attend this presentation.


Bryan is an experienced Business Intelligence engineer who has been developing solutions with SSIS since it was first released. He has been developing for and administering relational databases since 1987 and started working with SQL Server in 1998. He has written a number of articles on www.BIDN.com and leads The Rhode Island Business Intelligence User Group which he founded. Bryan currently works as Senior Business Intelligence Engineer with Smarter Travel Media, a TripAdvisor Company. He has worked in the insurance, banking, utilities, and ecommerce industries.

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