Apr 2013 ~ SSIS Best Practices, Tips and Techniques ~ Bryan Cafferky

Presenter: Bryan Cafferky
Topic: SSIS Best Practices, Tips and Techniques
Downloads: SSIS Presentation (.zip)

Join us for this presentation on the best practices, tips and techniques of leveraging SSIS. Learn how to load any external file confidently and easily, how to take direct control of SSIS processes using the Script Task and the Script Component, how to select the best configuration and deployment approach to meet your requirements, how to design a package to make it flexible and extensible. This promises to be a meeting where you will come away with new ideas and techniques to apply in your job.


Bryan is an experienced Business Intelligence engineer who has been developing solutions with SSIS since it was first released. He has been developing for and administering relational databases since 1987 and started working with SQL Server in 1998. He has written a number of articles on www.BIDN.com and leads The Rhode Island Business Intelligence User Group which he founded. Bryan currently works as Senior Business Intelligence Engineer with Smarter Travel Media, a TripAdvisor Company. He has worked in the insurance, banking, utilities, and ecommerce industries.

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