Jan 2013 ~ Building Your Own Monitors with the SQL Agent ~ Mike Hillwig

Presenter: Mike Hillwig
Topic: Building Your Own Monitors with the SQL Agent
Downloads: Available at CrankyDBA.com

See those things around your ankles? You hope they’re your socks because no DBA wants to be caught with their pants down. Whether you’re an accidental DBA, a DBA who has just inherited a bunch of servers, or someone who works in a shop that won’t buy monitoring tools, this session will help you get basic monitoring in place to make sure you know what’s going on in your environment. You’ll learn how to implement simple scripts that perk their ears up and start barking like a dog after a stranger walks in the house. Best of all, Mike will show you how ANY query can be turned into a monitor. So if you need to look for any condition in your application, it can be monitored.


Native Pittsburgher and Boston resident Mike Hillwig is a senior SQL Server DBA for a provider of private cloud-based solutions for the financial industry He’s been working with SQL Server since version 7 and has a background in infrastructure and networking.

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