Oct 2012 ~ Effective Use Of Temporary Tables ~ John Miner


Presenter: John Miner
Topic: Effective Use Of Temporary Tables
Downloads: Slides


Every developer eventually comes against business logic that can not be handled with a single simple or complex query. TSQL provides the developer with several constructs that can store temporary result sets that are passed to the next query in the script. I will be covering derived tables, local temporary tables, global temporary tables, table variables, user tables in tempdb, and common table expressions in my examples using the AdventureWorks database. The pros and cons of each contruct will be examined. Advanced options like enabling trace flag 1118 will be explored.


John has over twenty years of IT experience including a Masters degree in Computer Science from the University of Rhode Island with concentrations in database technologies and programming languages. He also has Microsoft Certificates for Database Administration (MCDBA) and System Administration (MCSA).

John is currently a Senior SQL Server Developer / Administrator in charge of best practices by the IT team at Sensata Technologies. He is the PASS chapter leader for Southern New England SQL Server Users Group.

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