Aug 2012 ~ Bad Habits and Best Practices ~ Aaron Bertrand


Presenter: Aaron Bertrand
Topic: Bad Habits and Best Practices


In this session we will go over several bad habits that are quite pervasive in the SQL Server community, and show with demos and samples why these habits can be bad.

We’ll also illustrate some good habits that are less common and why they should be adopted.

The goal is to have every user in the room walk away with immediately actionable knowledge to improve their existing stored procedures, raise their overall T-SQL skill, and change the way they think about writing code.


I thoroughly enjoy my position as Senior Consultant for SQL Sentry, makers of Performance Advisor, Event Manager and the free Plan Explorer – all tools geared to helping customers get the most out of SQL Server.

I have been working with SQL Server for 15 years, and do my best to share my knowledge and experience with the community via, speaking at dozens of community events, and answering questions in online forums and through the twitter hashtag #sqlhelp.

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