Apr 2012 ~ Aviation Disasters & IT Lessons From Them ~ Mike Walsh


Presenter: Mike Walsh
Topic: Aviation Disasters & IT Lessons From Them
Downloads: Slides


What does a plane crash have to do with technical skills? You might be surprised. There are many lessons to be learned from disasters. Most accidents are caused not by one factor, but by a series of seemingly-small missteps; even if a freak accident occurs, training and preparation can make all the difference – it’s the same for us!

In this session we’ll have a group discussion through a few actual aviation disasters and see what skills, attitudes and thought processes led to them. We’ll look at some success stories and see what was different. We’ll see how these attitudes and decisions impact us at work and talk about how to identify them in ourselves and our teams. Then we’ll figure out how to prevent them in our day jobs.


Mike is an experienced SQL Server professional and has worked with SQL Server for over 12 years. He has performed the duties of DBA, Developer, Architect and Performance Lead but always leans on his DBA experience. Mike is a partner in the exciting SQL Community focused venture called Linchpin People – He is also an independent consultant through his Straight Path Solutions consultancy. He was recognized as an MVP by Microsoft in April of 2011 for his SQL Server community involvement. He blogs at http://www.straightpathsql.com

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