Sep 2011 ~ How to audit and prevent unwanted user actions ~ John Miner


Presenter: John Miner of Sensata Technologies
Topic: How to audit and prevent unwanted user actions


Many corporations are composed of small divisions located in countries throughout the world. While you might be the lead DBA for your corporation, there are several other employees who have the keys to the kingdom. How do you prevent and audit unwanted user actions to key data?

This presentation will review techniques on how to prevent and/or audit data and schema changes.

The following topics will be presented with examples.

1. Granting correct user access is vital
2. Using DML triggers to keep an DATA audit trail.
3. Using DDL triggers to keep an SCHEMA audit trail.
4. Preventing unwanted DATA modifications
5. Preventing unwanted SCHEMA changes
6. Preventing table TRUNCATIONS
7. New Feature in 2008 – change data capture


John Miner ( has twenty years of data processing and proven project management experience, specializing in the banking, health care, and government areas. His architecture expertise encompasses all phases of the project life cycle, including design, development, implementation, and maintenance. His credentials include a Masters degree in Computer Science from the University of Rhode Island with concentrations in database technologies and programming languages. He has Microsoft Certificates for Database Administration (MCDBA) and System Administration (MCSA).

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