Jul 2010 ~ SQL Azure: Relational Database in the Cloud ~ Andrew Novick


Presenter: Andrew Novick of Novick Software
Topic: SQL Azure: Relational Database in the Cloud


SQL Azure is Microsoft’s relational database offering in the cloud. While it’s similar to SQL Server 2008 there are enough differences that it’s important to understand what you can and cannot do with SQL Azure. This presentation gets you comfortable with SQL Azure and understand how it can best be used. A glance at the topics that will be covered: Signing up for SQL Azure; Creating a database, users and tables; Differences from other SQL Server 2008 editions; Configuring the firewall; Moving schema and data up and down from the cloud; Getting the right connection string from the Azure UI; Checking Usage and Billing information; Connecting to SQL Azure; Approaches to scaling with SQL Azure; Data Access with OData; Deploying Data-Tier Applications to SQL Azure;


Andy Novick is a SQL Server MVP and consultant who builds business applications on SQL Server and the .Net technologies from Microsoft. Andy’s writing includes the books Transact-SQL User Defined Functions and SQL Server 2000 XML Distilled as well as numerous web articles and web videos. You connect to is writing at his web site www.NovickSoftware.com. In addition to SQL Andy enjoys coaching Youth Baseball and the occasional movie with his wife, Ulli.

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