Oct 2009 ~ Dynamic Management Views ~ Raghuram Dharmapuri


Presenter: Raghuram (AJ) Dharmapuri – FM Global
Topic: SQL Server’s Panoramic Ensemble
          DMV’s (Dynamic Management Views)


We know that DMV’s have the answers, but do we know which DMV to look at and what to look for?

This session gives a brief overview of some of the frequently used Dynamic Management Views in SQL Server.


AJ has over seven years of experience in the IT industry. He is currently a Sr. Development Database Administrator with FM Global.

Before joining FM Global, he worked for over 5 years for diverse range of organizations, including Oracle and SAP Labs in the CRM space with main focus on databases. In his current role he designs, develops, tunes & manages all versions of SQL Server databases along with working with developers on SSIS & SSRS tools.

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