Sep 2009 ~ Creating reports using cubes ~ Sunil Kadimdiwan


Presenter: Sunil Kadimdiwan
Topic: Creating Impressive Reports Using Smart Data Analysis Cubes


It is important for us Database Developers and Database Administrators to provide useful reports to our business users. These should be based on good analysis of your data. It is more beneficial if we can display charts, maps, summary reports with drilldown capabilities and combine relevant information into easy to view dashboards. This will allow business users to get to the right information quickly.

SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) 2008 allows us to build data analysis cubes and then SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) 2008 will allow us to develop compelling reports & dashboards. In this presentation I will show you how to get started on these 2 products and very quickly get useful results.


Sunil Kadimdiwan is a Data Architect with an extensive record of successfully designing and implementing mission critical Database & Reporting solutions.

He has deep knowledge of Microsoft BI technology platform. He is well versed in Insurance, High Tech, Capital Market, Publishing, and Non-Profit industries. He is a frequent speaker at code camps, user groups in the New England region.

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