May~2015~ The PowerShell/SSIS Smack Down!

Presenter: Bryan Cafferky
Topic: The PowerShell/SSIS Smack Down!

Step aside SSIS, there’s a new player in town. PowerShell and it can do anything SSIS can do and more. In this presentation, we will consider the merits of PowerShell as an ETL tool versus SSIS. We’ll discuss a simple ETL framework using PowerShell created custom objects that extract data from a number of sources, transform it, and load it into database tables. We’ll see how PowerShell can deliver a high level of extensibility and reusability unmatched by SSIS. Concepts will be made clear by applying them to a use case of a fictitious company’s data warehouse load. You may leave the meeting thinking it’s time to switch ETL tools.


Bryan has been working in data warehousing for over two decades and on the Microsoft SQL Server stack for twenty years. He founded and leads PASS chapter, The Rhode Island Microsoft Business Intelligence User Group. Bryan is a frequent speaker at SQL Saturday’s, PASS Chapter meetings, Code Camps and anywhere he can share knowledge. He holds a bachelor degree in Computer Information Systems and a Masters of Business Administration. He is currently working on a book entitled PowerShell for Database Developers to be released in 2015. Most importantly, Bryan is always eager to learn new things.

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