Jan-2015- Introduction to SQL Stored Procedures ~ Matt Batalon

Presenter: Matt Batalon

Topic: Introduction to SQL Stored Procedures

SQL Stored Procedures have been part of SQL Server since the early days. They are fundamental part of almost any SQL Server database. In this introductory presentation we will cover the benefits of using stored procedures in your database development projects, and also look as some drawbacks stored procedures might have. We will also cover the following topics to get you equipped to start writing, modifying and debugging stored procedures of your own.

We’ll cover:

1. Creating Stored Procedures
2. Modifying Stored Procedures
3. Creating Stored Procedures with parameters
4. Creating Stored Procedures with optional parameters
5. Viewing a Stored Procedure definition
6. Returning values from a stored procedure
7. Returning result sets from stored procedures
8. Deterring how nested your current stored procedure is in the call stack
9. Encrypting Stored procedures
10. Creating a stored procedure that executes on instance start up
11.Tips on coding stored procedures
12.Tips on Stored Procedure Performance
13. CLR Stored Procedures

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