Sep 2014 ~ What the VLF? ~ Mike Hillwig

Presenter: Mike Hillwig
Topic: What the VLF?
Downloads: Available at

Experienced DBAs know that SQL Server stores data in data files and transaction log files. What is less commonly known is that the transaction log file is broken up into smaller segments known as Virtual Log Files, or VLFs. Having too many VLFs will cause performance to suffer.

And having too few will cause backup performance to suffer. How do you strike the right balance? In this more advanced session, veteran DBA Mike Hillwig will show you what VLFs are, how they’re created, how to identify them, and how to strike the right balance between too few and too many.


Native Pittsburgher and Boston resident Mike Hillwig is a senior SQL Server DBA for a provider of private cloud-based solutions for the financial industry He’s been working with SQL Server since version 7 and has a background in infrastructure and networking.

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