Aug 2014 ~ SQL Server Statistics: The Secret Sauce ~ Tim Harkin

tim_harkinPresenter: Tim Harkin
Topic: SQL Server Statistics: The Secret Sauce

Learning how to write a query is a basic SQL skill. Eventually, a curious developer wants to know how SQL actually returns the data. Statistics are the “secret sauce” that SQL uses to create a query plan to get your data. In this session, the basics of how SQL creates and maintains statistics will be discussed, and the impact that the this has on query plans. Other topics covered will be what happens when statistics are wrong (and how that can happen), as well as when to take statistics maintenance into your own hands.


Tim Harkin has been working with SQL since SQL 2000 and has worked in a variety of database environments from multi-terabyte data warehouses to high volume OLTP applications and everything in between. Tim also helps run the Fairfield\Westchester SQL Server User Group. Currently he is the Senior DBA for Toluna, USA, a pioneer in the dynamic world of market research, data collection, reporting and visualization.

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