June 2014 ~ In-Memory tables: Working with Millions of rows ~ Andy Novick

Presenter: Andy Novick
Topic: SQL Server 2014 In-Memory tables, Working with Millions of rows

Memory optimized tables are one of the cool new features in SQL Server 2014. They’re being marketed as a high transaction throughput solution for OLTP. We’ll take a look at that and at how do they work when you try and work with millions of rows in situations more like data warehousing. This presentation will explore the issues and demonstrate where it can be made to work and where it can’t.


Andy Novick is a SQL Server Developer in the Boston area with 25 years of database and application development experience. His consulting practice focuses on building applications, including software products that use SQL Server’s capabilities to the maximum. He has developed both OLTP and data warehouse databases with multi-terabytes scale. He has particular expertise in automating data management for such large databases. Other recent projects have included ETL, Security and SQL Injection prevention. Andy is the originator of the popular “SQL Server Load-fest” event conduced in Waltham, MA.

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